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Memtes Friction Powered Dump Truck Toy with Lights and Sound for Kids

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Memtes Friction Powered Dump Truck Toy with Lights and Sound for Kids Children’s play is an essential part of growing up. It can encourage problem-solving skills, spur creativity, and, most of all, help your kids have fun! One of the most popular toys among children are plastic toy vehicles, such as trucks used as construction equipment. At Memtes, we offer a full line of construction toys, including this handy dump truck. The dump truck is friction-powered, meaning that by pulling it back it will drive forward. As it goes ahead, the dump truck lights up and makes construction noises. It’s great fun for your little one! Children can imagine themselves as head construction workers or dump-truck drivers as they play with this toy car. This toy is great for both the outdoors and indoors. Put it in a sandbox or the backyard. Your child can dig holes and build castles with the help of this toy dump truck. Your child can also use it inside the house. It’s a great tool for teaching cleanup skills. Encourage your child to pick up their toys by scooping them up in the dump truck and dumping them in the toy box! You can use this dump truck at home or in a daycare for playtime. The truck is red and yellow with authentic-looking decals and stickers. To use the dump truck, just put objects in the back of the truck. Then press the yellow button on the side to lift up the back. The back will pop up, dumping the load. This truck measures at 10.5” L x 3.5” H x 4.5” W. It’s not too big or too small! It is a battery-operated dump truck and comes installed with batteries. Get it as a gift for your little one. It is sure to put a smile on their face. Order today! Collect all 8 friction powered truck toy from us■Cement mixer■Dump Truck ■Garbage Truck ■Wrecker Tow Truck■Forklift Truck■ Hoist Bucket Cherry Picker Truck■Garbage Crane Truck■Excavator Truck



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