Super Wings – Toy RC Police Vehicle – Remote Control Paul

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Style:Paul ‘Funky Style!’ Paul is a policeman with a strong sense of duty on the hit preschool series. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic that he acts like a policeman even when there’s no policing to be done! Within the Super Wings team, he’s known as being quite playful and silly. This remote control toy police plane rolls on real working wheels, speeds forward and spins 360°. This toy is for preschool and all children ages 3 and up. Experience all of the Super Wings adventures together! Use your imagination to recreate your favorite Super Wings scenes or create all new scenarios! Requires 5x AAA batteries, not included. The Super Wings team is ready to take on any job – big or small – whether it involves navigating the rocky boulders of a volcano, delivering a tracker or helping to chase and capture a loose pack of pups, the Super Wings are always on patrol. With the help of Sky from the World Airport Tower, the team is always on the lookout for kids in need of help. As vehicles or robots, the team is always ready to transform and use teamwork on any mission to rescue, help and teach kids that there is a solution for everything. SUPER WINGS, WE DELIVER!



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